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Survival Skills
Survival Skills

Complete the requirements below:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the following:
    1. How to prevent and treat the effects of extreme heat (sunstroke and dehydration) and cold (hypothermia).
    2. The first aid treatment for external bleeding and shock, the correct method of applying mouth-to-mouth breathing and the dangers involved in moving injured people.
    3. How to construct different kinds of shelter.
    4. How to build several different types of fire and the burning qualities of different woods.
    5. The correct use of International Distress Signals, using whistle, torch, mirror or markers.
    6. Some basic actions to take while waiting rescue that will both keep you (and your group) safe and will assist your rescuers in locating you.
    7. Some edible plants and/or fruit to be found locally.
    8. Methods of filtering and purifying water.
  2. With a group of at least three Scouts, take part in a survival exercise lasting about 24 hours, during which the group should:
    1. Construct a shelter of natural or salvaged materials and sleep in it.
    2. Cook all meals over an open fire.
    3. Cook without utensils or aluminium foil. A knife may be used.
    4. Demonstrate methods of finding direction by day or night without a compass.


Requirement 1 must be completed before requirement 2 is undertaken. The Leadership Team should select suitable country for this so that supervision is possible. Wild mountainous country is not intended. The Nights Away Scheme must be followed. Alternative activities may be undertaken as agreed with the Leadership Team.


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