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Complete the requirements in one of the following alternatives:

  Alternative A  
  1. Have a good knowledge of farming practices in your locality.
  2. Know the organisation and daily and seasonal operations of a farm of your own choice, with special reference to the livestock, crops, cultivation, rotation, machinery and labour force.
  3. Discuss the changes in farming practices that have taken place recently in your locality and the reasons for these.
  Alternative B  
  1. Cultivate an area of garden or an allotment for a period agreed beforehand with the Leadership Team.
  2. Grow successfully three kinds of hardy annual flower, three kinds of vegetable and two kinds each of bulbs, herbaceous plants and flowering shrubs or roses. As an alternative, grow eight types of plant.
  3. Discuss the work done and the results achieved.
  Alternative C  
  1. Keep any kind of livestock for a period agreed beforehand with the Leadership Team. For example:
    • For farm animals or birds, know how they should be housed, fed, breed and their economic uses. Show how to handle them safely and know about animal welfare.
    • Manage a hive. Show some of the honey produced.


An experienced adult adviser will be required to oversee the activities.


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