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Pioneer 2
Pioneer 2
  1. Pass or have passed the Pioneer badge.
  2. Demonstrate, and know the uses of, the following knots and lashings:
    1. Harvesters’ hitch;
    2. Double sheetbend;
    3. Fisherman’s knot;
    4. Rolling hitch;
    5. Figure of eight lashing;
    6. Diagonal lashing.
  3. Demonstrate the following:
    1. Sailmakers’ whipping;
    2. Eye and back splices;
    3. Anchorage for firm and soft ground.
  4. Have a knowledge of the following:
    1. The construction of man-made and natural fibre ropes and their breaking strains.
    2. The Aerial Runway Code.
    3. How to store and maintain pioneering equipment.
  5. As a member of a group of three to six Scouts design and build two projects as agreed with the examiner beforehand.


Reference should be made to the Aerial Runway Code (FS120006) and the Activity Rules in chapter nine of Policy, Organisation and Rules.


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