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Pioneer 1
Pioneer 1
  1. Demonstrate and know the uses of the following knots and lashings: sheet bend, clove hitch, round turn and two half hitches, bowline, timber hitch, sheepshank, square and sheer lashings.
  2. Demonstrate the following:
    1. West Country or simple whipping.
    2. The correct way to coil and store a rope.
    3. The use of simple blocks and tackle.
    4. The use of levers to extract or move heavy weights.
    5. An understanding of the need for supervision and safety in pioneering projects.
  3. As a member of a group of three to six Scouts, complete the following:
    1. Take part in an indoor pioneering project.
    2. Take part in building a pioneering model.
    3. Take part in constructing an outdoor pioneering project.


Reference should be made to the Aerial Runway Code (FS120006) and the Activity Rules in chapter nine of Policy, Organisation and Rules.


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