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Physical Recreation
Physical Recreation

Complete the requirements below:

  1. Take a regular part in an active sport or physical pursuit for which a Proficiency Badge has not been gained. This can be a team game such as rugby, football, cricket or water polo; or an individual sport such as tennis, squash, running or gymnastics; or a pursuit such as walking, yoga, ice skating, dancing or keep fit.
  2. Be able to demonstrate a reasonable level of skill in their sport or pursuit and give evidence of improvement.
  3. Explain the rules or guidelines that govern the sport or pursuit chosen.
  4. Demonstrate the preparations they make before taking part in the sport or pursuit. These may include any special equipment or clothes required and/or warm-up and warm-down routines.


This badge is for those who regularly take part in sport or physical pursuit activities for which there is no specific Proficiency Badge. A Scout can gain more than one Physical Recreation Badge for different sports or pursuits.

The sport or pursuit chosen should not be that which forms part of the school curriculum. It may, however, include school sports played after school or at weekends


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