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  1. Know the rules relating to access to airfields as laid down in Policy, Organisation and Rules. Understand the factors involved in selecting the launch point on the field,
  2. Successfully complete the equivalent to the British Hand-gliding and Paragliding Association's Paragliding Ground Training including landing rolls and inflation and collapse of canopy by wing-tip holders and paragliders.
  3. Carry out the equivalent to the British Hand-gliding and Paragliding Association’s Course of Training in controlled descents, and self-released flights up to the standard of 360 degree stable turns.
  4. Carry out canopy control practice on the ground and have a basic knowledge of the flight and steering principles of the canopy.
  5. Understand and perform the duties of wing-tip holder, look-out and tensiometer reader, and understand the function of the launch marshal.
  6. Understand the care, packing and storage of equipment.


A Scout must not attempt the requirements of this badge until he or she is at least 14 years old.


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