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Complete the requirements below:

  1. Demonstrate that you know how to look after books and CD-ROMs.
  2. Show that you know how to use a library catalogue.
  3. Explain how fiction and non-fiction books are arranged on the shelves and why they are treated differently.
  4. Know what is meant by a Reference book or material. Gather information you need for a journey with a purpose by using some of the following reference material: leisure leaflet; bus or train timetable; almanac; gazetteer, Yellow Pages; Who's Who?
  5. Demonstrate how to search for information on a CD-ROM encyclopaedia or using the Internet.
  6. Talk to the assessor about:
    1. Books you have read and why you enjoyed them; or
    2. Information you have researched from books or online which you have found of particular interest.

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