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Complete the requirements in one of the following alternatives:

  Alternative A  

Complete the following in any foreign language:

  1. Carry on a simple conversation for about ten minutes.
  2. Write a letter of around 150 words.
  3. After a few minutes of study, give a translation of a paragraph of basic text.
  4. Act as an interpreter for a visitor who does not speak in your native language.
  5. Communicate with a person who does not speak your native language.
  Alternative B  

Complete the following requirements in a recognised sign language such as Makaton or BSL.

  1. Carry out a simple conversation for about ten minutes.
  2. Use sign language to describe a Scouting experience to another person.
  3. Act as a translator for a short conversation between a sign language user and someone with no sign language experience.
  4. Invite a sign language user to talk to the Troop about what it is like to have hearing or speech impediments. Help by acting as translator for them during their visit.

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