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HIV/AIDS Awareness
HIV/AIDS Awareness

Complete all of the requirements in Section A and any four of the requirements in Section B.

  Section A  
  1. Demonstrate an adequate knowledge of the following:
    1. The transmission of HIV.
    2. The prevention of HIV and other STIs.
    3. The description of HIV and AIDS.
    4. The spectrum and course of HIV and other diseases.
    5. The role of HIV Testing.
    6. The role of Schools and Communities.
    7. HIV/AIDS in Children and Adolescents.
    8. Psychological Development of Adolescents.
    9. The Advances in HIV/AIDS Treatment.
  2. Produce a poster, poem or an essay on any aspect of HIV/AIDS.
  Section B  
  1. Complete the following:
    1. Describe behaviours that may lead to HIV infection.
    2. Identify the places in the community that provide care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS.
    3. Make a list of the traditional roles of boys and girls in the community and explain how the society helps to form these roles.
  2. Complete the following:
    1. Find out the main causes of teenage pregnancies and explain how they can be prevented.
    2. Explain four different ways of planning a family.
    3. Describe the dangers of STIs.
  3. Complete the following:
    1. Create a 3 stanza poem or a song on the dangers of STIs.
    2. Prepare and deliver a 5-minute talk on STIs.
    3. Explain what he considers as the biggest challenges facing his peers today.
  4. Complete the following:
    1. Produce a skit to demonstrate the effects of peer pressure.
    2. Organize and lead a session on the topic “My Role in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS”.
    3. Name four health Centres in Barbados where treatment for HIV/AIDS may be accessed.
  5. Complete the following:
    1. Produce evidence that he has practiced keeping fit regularly for a period of at least three (3) months.
    2. Design a postcard on the theme “NO TO SEX, YES TO LIFE”.
    3. Name and describe symptoms of three sexually transmitted diseases.
  6. Complete the following:
    1. List behaviours that may lead to pre-martial sex and expose the youth to sexually transmitted diseases.
    2. Write a short essay giving his ideas on society’s view on HIV/AIDS.
    3. Design a poster with the following words “DON’T DISCRIMINATE AGAINST HIV/AIDS INFECTED PERSONS”.

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