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Helmsman - Race
Helmsman - Race
  1. Hold the Helmsman 2 Badge. Have a knowledge of the steering and sailing rules, local rules, distress, storm, fog and danger signals.
  2. Have a good working knowledge of the yacht racing rules of the International Yacht Racing Union and have a knowledge of the Portsmouth Yardstick Handicapping System.
  3. Show by demonstration afloat that you are a proficient helmsman, The demonstration is to include:
    1. Sailing the boat in any direction on all points of sailing - tack, gybe, reach and run.
    2. Two race starts by a five minute gun,
    3. Efficient mark rounding.
    4. Hoisting a spinnaker when sailing off the wind if the boat is so equipped.
  4. Have some knowledge of modern standing and running rigging, sails and equipment and be able to recognise at least three different classes of modern racing craft.
  5. Be able to discuss elementary tactics in relation to racing under sail with particular reference to:
    1. 'searoom'
    2. 'establishing on overlap'
    3. 'giving way'
    4. 'calling for water'
    5. 'the use of the centreboard/dagger board'
    6. 'spinnakers'

    and show that you understand the general organisation associated with events, including preparatory starting, recall and special signals.

  6. Give a reasonable performance as helmsman in a series of three races against young people of your own age. Each race to be between at least three boats and the course in each event to be triangular and over a distance of approximately 2.5 kilometres.


The candidate may be judged on general performance rather than on the results of the races. The races may be specially staged or be part of the programme of a Scout regatta.


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