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Healthy Living
Healthy Living
  1. Demonstrate an in depth knowledge of the food groups, including their importance to good health.
  2. Tour a health facility or agency and report back to the Troop.  These may include a Polyclinic, the National Nutrition Centre, or HIV Food Bank.
  3. Prepare a healthy meal from natural food sources.
  4. Prepare a presentation on the benefits of exercise and present it to a group of your peers.
  5. Complete 10 hours of exercise incorporating strength training, as well as exercises to develop flexibility, agility and endurance.  Keep a log of your exercise showing an improvement over the period. This exercise must be completed over a period of 8 weeks.
  6. Participate in a scheduled athletic meet, road race, or similar event. Provide a record of the regular training completed preparing for the event.
    1. OR
      Actively participate in a sport for at least 3 months.

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