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Complete the requirement below:

  1. Make or decorate one or more articles, using whenever possible, original design ideas. The project should be discussed beforehand with a member of the Leadership Team and should take around six hours to complete. Appropriate care must be taken with all tools and materials to avoid injury. Some example projects are:
    • Make a container using basket making, woodturning, pottery, embroidery on plastic canvas, glass blowing, fibreglass construction.
    • Make a belt, bag, wall hanging, tablemat or waistcoat by weaving, macramé, beadwork or from leather.
    • Make an item of clothing or soft furnishing by sewing or knitting. (You may follow a pattern.)
    • Decorate clothing or soft furnishing (cushion, tablecloth etc) using embroidery, tapestry, lace making, tie and dye or wax and dye or fabric paints.
    • Make a picture using techniques such as mosaic, staining glass, quilting, calligraphy, pyrography, pressed flowers, fabric collage, printing with potato, lino, string, drypoint, aquatint, silk screen or similar.
    • Decorate an article (wood, metal, glass etc) by engraving or etching; or decorate enamelware.
    • Make an ornament or decorative article using candle-making, arranging flowers, carving in any medium (e.g. wood, slate, stone, soap), fly tying, jewellery making, pewterwork, copper or silver smithing, stone polishing, stone masonry or sculpture.
    • Make a small item of furniture.
    • Decorate a cake for a special occasion.

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