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Campsite Service
Campsite Service

Complete the requirements below:

  1. Hold the Camper Badge.
  2. Have worked for at least two days at a permanent District, County/Area or National Scout campsite or similar Activity Centre, helping the Warden or Manager to their satisfaction.
  3. Explain and where possible demonstrate the maintenance required for some campsite equipment.
  4. Explain and where possible demonstrate four of the following:
    1. The reasons for having clean toilets.
    2. How to unblock a drain.
    3. Prevention of frozen pipes and the steps to be taken when over ground pipes burst or leak.
    4. The need for good site drainage and clear ditches.
    5. Refuse disposal, including how to maximise the retention of recyclable materials.
    6. Respect for wildlife, balancing the requirements of campers.
    7. The use of computers in campsite management.
    8. Other important tasks as identified by the Warden or Manager.
  5. Become familiar with an activity run on site. Explain the use and maintenance of equipment used for that activity.
  6. Demonstrate an ability to competently use three items of equipment appropriate to your role.
  7. Discuss developments and improvements you would like to see at a permanent campsite with which you are familiar.

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