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Outdoor Plus Challenge
Outdoor Plus Challenge

Complete the requirements below:

  1. Plan and carry out a lightweight expedition over 24 hours with friends of a similar age.
  2. Camp a total of 12 nights as a Scout.
  3. Cook for a day without utensils.
  4. Demonstrate a knowledge of emergency procedures for adventurous activities including the recognition and treatment of hypothermia, the performance of mouth-to-mouth ventilation, treatment of bleeding and treatment of fractures.
  5. Be able to use, maintain and instruct in the safe use of different types of stoves and lamps and cook an expedition meal on a suitable stove.
  6. Take a leading part in a pioneering project which demonstrates the correct use of at least two types of lashings.
  7. Complete any one of the following:
    1. Make a camp oven and use it.
    2. Identify the basic types of clouds, explain how they are formed, how wind speed is measured and how the weather can limit various adventurous activities.

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