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Outdoor Challenge
Outdoor Challenge

Complete the requirements below:

  1. Pitch, strike, and store a tent correctly.
  2. Pack a rucsac to include provisions, clothing, first aid kit, map and compass for a weekend camp.
  3. Demonstrate the safe use of a sheath knife or clasp knife, hand-axe and bow saw and know how to maintain and store each of them.
  4. Complete any seven of the following:
    1. Name the parts of a boat and its equipment, prepare it for a water activity and use it.
    2. Be able to steer and manoeuvre a boat, canoe, kayak or dinghy.
    3. Prepare, cook, serve and clear away a meal and a hot drink out of doors using an open fire.
    4. Be familiar with safety precautions for the correct use of potentially dangerous equipment such as lamps, stoves, axes and saws.
    5. Be able to perform mouth-to-mouth ventilation and demonstrate the recovery position. Deal with shock, fainting, nosebleeds, stings, minor cuts, burns and scalds.
    6. Complete a simple navigation exercise involving map and compass.
    7. Demonstrate the correct use of six knots, bends, or hitches used in Scouting activities.
    8. Take part in a observation exercise.
    9. Show how you would set out a well-planned camp site.
    10. Plan and use a balanced menu for a weekend camp for your Patrol.
    11. Complete a simple orienteering, mapping or navigation exercise, which includes setting a map, taking compass bearings, map references and knowledge of Ordnance Survey conventional signs.
    12. Prepare a personal first aid kit for a day's outing and know how to use each item in it.
    13. Identify the parts of an aircraft and explain the principles of flight.
    14. Carry out an activity using a knot, a bend, a hitch and a lashing and demonstrate rope sealing.
    15. Take an active part in a pioneering project out of doors with your Patrol.
    16. Demonstrate the correct use of the Barbados Flag and your Troop flag or colours.


Sea Scouts must complete options 4a. and 4b. as part of their seven optional requirements.


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