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Leadership Award
Leadership Award

To be passed under arrangements made by the Scout Leader and awarded by the Patrol Leaders' Council.

  1. Be at least 13 years old.
  2. Describe the function of the Patrol Leaders' Council, take part in at least one meeting and take responsibility for action as a result of some of the decisions taken.
  3. Complete four of the following:
    1. With your Patrol-in-Council, organise and then run an indoor Patrol Meeting.
    2. With your Patrol-in-Council, organise and then run an outdoor Patrol Meeting.
    3. Instruct a group of Scouts so that they complete three activities from the Scoutcraft Challenge.
    4. Instruct a Scout or a group of Scouts so that at least one gains a Proficiency Badge.
    5. Complete a course of leadership training.
    6. Hold a position of responsibility in your Patrol for at least six months (for example, Quartermaster or Patrol Leader).
    7. Any other one activity of a similar nature and level of achievement as agreed with the Patrol Leaders' Council and the Scout Leader.

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