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Fitness Challenge
Fitness Challenge

Complete the requirements below:

  1. Keep a record of all you eat and drink for one week and check the record for a balanced diet; set out to improve over the following week.
  2. Know about and practise hygiene in the kitchen at home and/or at Scout Activities.
  3. Know about and practise personal hygiene at camp.
  4. With another Scout select one common health hazard which is harmful to the body (for example, tobacco, alcohol, solvent, noise), find out about its harmful effects and discuss your findings with others.
  5. Complete any four of the following:
    1. Improve your personal performance over a period of one month in an activity such as jogging, Scout pace, aerobics, circuit training, swimming and keep a simple record of your performance.
    2. Take part as a regular member of a team in a sport over at least three months (for example, at school or a sports club).
    3. In an individual physical sport, show improvement over three months, keeping a record of your progress.
    4. Learn the rules of a sport new to you and participate in it for at least three months.
    5. Set yourself a fitness challenge for three months, agree it with an adult, carry it out and discuss the results with your Patrol Leader.
    6. Demonstrate a proficiency in personal survival swimming.
    7. Demonstrate an understanding of human growth and development and how these can be impaired by alcohol, cigarettes, solvent and drug abuse.
    8. Set yourself a personal target for swimming, agree it with your Patrol Leaders' Council and carry it out. Note: a minimum of 50 meters is recommended.) 

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