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Community Challenge
Community Challenge

Complete the requirements below:

  1. Know the location of, and be able to give directions to, local facilities such as pay phones, police stations, bus stations; know how to call out emergency services.
  2. Bring a friend who is not a Scout to a weekend camp or to at least four Troop Meetings or Scouting activities.
  3. With others, produce a poster display to advertise and illustrate the part your Patrol or Troop plays in your community.
  4. Identify examples in your local community where people have not followed the Country Code and/or the Highway Code; tell your Patrol about the consequences of not following these Codes.
  5. With your Patrol, plan and take part in a conservation project.
  6. Learn appropriate forms of communication to use with people who have visual or hearing impairment.
  7. Complete any two of the following:
    1. Give regular voluntary service to a religious community, old people's home, community centre, or similar.
    2. Participate in a home care/good-neighbour project.
    3. Cook a meal for others using recipes from a country other than Barbados.
    4. With a Patrol, take part in an integrated camp which includes both able-bodied young people and some with special needs.
    5. With others, give practical service to your local community over a worthwhile period of time agreed with the Patrol Leaders' Council.

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