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Adventure Challenge
Adventure Challenge

Complete the requirements below:

  1. Undertake a two-day expedition with a Patrol, cooking your own meals and carrying your own equipment.
  2. Complete any two of the following:
    1. With suitable equipment, complete a one-day expedition with friends by foot, bicycle, canoe, kayak or sailing dinghy.
    2. Camp outdoors for at least two consecutive nights.
    3. Complete, with others, a day hike using compass bearings.
    4. With a friend, plan a route for a 12 kilometre journey with a purpose; describe by map reading what you would expect to see; go on the journey and report back to your Patrol what you saw and did.
    5. Take part in an incident hike.
    6. Plan and carry out a one-day Patrol activity with a purpose.
    7. Achieve the technical standard required for the issue of a Scout Association Water Activity Authorisation for Class B1 waters.
    8. Arrange for a suitably experienced instructor to train you in how a parachute works. Be able to put on a parachute harness and demonstrate the correct landing roll.

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