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Scout Membership Badge
Scout Membership Badge

To be passed under arrangements made jointly by the Scout Leader and the Patrol Leader and awarded by the Patrol Leaders’ Council.

Complete the requirements below:

  1. Talk with your future Patrol Leader about joining the Troop.
  2. Join a Patrol of your liking and get to know the other members by taking part in an activity with them.
  3. Get to know the other Scouts and Leaders in the Troop by taking part in at least three Troop meetings, one of which should be out of doors.
  4. Show a general knowledge of the Scout Movement and the development of world-wide Scouting.
  5. Know, understand and accept the Scout Promise and Law. Talk with a Scout Leader about how you can put them into practice each day.
  6. Know what to do at your investiture and, if you would like to, invite someone to be there.

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