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Chief Scout's Award
Chief Scout's Award

To be passed under arrangements agreed by the Patrol Leaders’ Council and awarded by the National Awards Committee on the recommendation of the District Commissioner. Requirements are to be completed over a period of not less than 9 months.

  • Be at least 14 years old and be working on your Traverse Progress Award.
  • Complete fourteen activities from those listed below, including at least three from the Adventure section, two from the Community section, three from the Local Knowledge section and one from each of the other sections. The remaining two activities can be from any section you like.
  • From the Leadership Award:
    • Take part in at least one meeting of the Patrol Leaders’ Council and take responsibility for a ction as a result of the decisions taken.
    • Complete two further requirements.
  • Complete a Personal Project agreed with the Patrol Leaders’ Council and approved by the Scout Leader. For example, as a Helper in a Cub Scout Pack, gaining an Instructor Proficiency Badge and using it or a project in another country.
  • From the Proficiency Badge Scheme:
    • Gain one Proficiency Badge other than one gained for any previous Award.


  Scoutcraft Requirements                Adventure Requirements                    Culture Requirements   

 Community Requirements                  Health Requirements                 Commitment Requirements

Local Knowledge Requirements


 Scoutcraft Requirements 

You must complete at least one activity from this section.

  1. Make a useful item of equipment (for example, tow rope or toggle rope using an eye splice or back splice, a rope fender, a rucsac, a stuffsac, a windsock). Use the finished article in an activity.
  2. Devise a safety checklist for your Troop meeting place, for home and for camp; use the list to remedy any dangers.
  3. Organise a Patrol pioneering project.
  4. Be Food Quartermaster or Equipment Quartermaster for a camp, including preparation and clearing of the camp.
  5. Organise a camp for your Patrol or another group of friends.
  6. Take care of and maintain a specific type of Troop equipment (for example, tents, canoes, ropes, stoves) for a period of at least three months.
  7. Know how to look after camp toilets, both earth and chemical.
  8. Using two different types of compass of your choice, plan and complete field tests to compare their suitability for different activities; report your findings to the Patrol Leaders’ Council.
  9. Be able to interpret a weather map and understand seasonal and local variations in weather. Set up a simple weather station and keep a log book of your recordings over a period of one month.
  10. Organise a dawn to dusk hike for at least four people.
  11. Prepare and cook a backwoods meal for four people.
  12. Any other one activity of a similar nature and level of achievement as agreed with the Patrol Leaders' Council and the Scout Leader.
 Adventure Requirements 

You must complete at least three activities from this section.

Before undertaking any adventurous activity, reference must be made to the Association's activity rules in Policy, Organisation and Rules.

  1. Attempt an adventurous activity which is new to you (for example, caving, rock climbing, hill walking, abseiling, winter camping, subaqua, water skiing, gliding, parascending, karting, board sailing) and achieve basic proficiency.
  2. Act as a coxswain of a boat’s crew; carry out basic manoeuvres including anchoring and taking a small boat in tow.
  3. Plan and set out an orienteering course and supervise a group of younger Scouts to complete the course.
  4. Organise a visit to an airfield and arrange a suitable programme for a group of Scouts.
  5. Take part in an exercise to rescue a person from rough country or from the water or from a crashed vehicle.
  6. Help to plan, participate in and report back on a visit to a foreign country.
  7. Have had sufficient dual Instruction to be able to fly a glider or light aircraft from take­off around a circuit and position for landing to the satisfaction of the accompanying instructor.
  8. Build, maintain and use a kart, Scoutcar, canoe, boat or land yacht.
  9. Complete the Beginners Sailing Course at the Barbados Sailing Association or an equivalent course offered by a recognised Authority or Association.
  10. Organise and run an incident hike for younger Scouts.
  11. Using backwoods techniques plan and take part in a two-night survival exercise.
  12. Complete a hike of three days duration with two overnight camps. (Note: this is the length of the Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Award expedition).
  13. Any other one activity of a similar nature and level of achievement as agreed with the Patrol Leaders' Council and the Scout Leader.
 Culture Requirements 

You must complete at least one activity from this section.

  1. Take part in an amateur production for public performance.
  2. Demonstrate some local customs to a Beaver Scout Colony or Cub Scout Pack.
  3. Help produce a magazine or newsletter.
  4. Mount an exhibition with the help of others using text, photographs and other material to publicise Scouting, and make it available for viewing by the general public.
  5. Discover the customs and life style of a typical family from an ethnic group (at home or abroad) other than your own.
  6. Take a selection of photographs on a theme of your interest and mount an exhibition on the theme or complete and display a set of paintings and sketches.
  7. Make contact with a local craft worker, learn from his or her skills and show an improvement in your own technique in the craft.
  8. With a friend, visit a museum, stately home or a gallery and tell your Patrol about it.
  9. Find practical examples of the world-wide family of Scouts and discuss them with your Patrol.
  10. Take part in an exchange or twinning visit or provide home hospitality for a Scout or Scouts from another country.
  11. Any other one activity of a similar nature and level of achievement as agreed with the Patrol Leaders' Council and the Scout Leader.
 Community Requirements 

You must complete at least two activities from this section.

  1. Undertake a survey project to assess facilities and amenities for people with disabilities in your area. This may be for the elderly, people with impaired sight or hearing or for people with physical or learning difficulties. Present your findings to an interested party, for example your Group or District Annual General Meeting. Your Assistant District Commissioner may be able to offer you help and support.
  2. Prepare, cook, serve and clear away a formal meal for at least four people from the community outside the Scout Group.
  3. Find out about and give support to Scouts or other people in a developing country.
  4. Explain the system of controlled air space and the air traffic control organisation or explain the system of sea lanes in national and international waters.
  5. Help provide an activity or series of activities for younger people in your neighbouring area during the school holidays.
  6. Share home hospitality with Scouts from another country.
  7. Bring a friend who is not a Scout to your Troop Meeting or any other Scouting activity; find out what your friend thought about the visit, and report back to your Patrol Leaders’ Council.
  8. Make contact with a Scout from abroad and learn about his or her way of life and Scouting; help run a Troop programme based on what you have found out.
  9. Organise a twinning venture with a Patrol or Troop from within Barbados or from abroad.
  10. Using slides, tape, video cassette or similar, provide a documentary on your Patrol/Troop life and present this to a group of adults.
  11. Undertake the budgeting and accounting for an enterprise or activity involving several people.
  12. With a group of Scouts and a Beaver Scout Leader or a Cub Scout Leader, provide a series of activities for a Beaver Scout Colony or a Cub Scout Pack.
  13. Any other one activity of a similar nature and level of achievement as agreed with the Patrol Leaders' Council and the Scout Leader.
 Health Requirements 

You must complete at least one activity from this section.

  1. In a sport, set yourself a target for a season and report on your progress.
  2. Arrange for a doctor or other professional person to visit the Patrol Leaders' Council and older members of the Troop to discuss a health topic of your choice. (Topics could include the Blood Transfusion Service, A.I.D.S., drug abuse or similar.)
  3. After training, complete a survival swimming exercise.
  4. Visit a sports centre or gymnasium, talk with a specialist about the facilities available and the need for fitness and try out an activity new to you while you are there.
  5. Make contact with a local sports person and find out about their training schedule and how a well-balanced diet can improve your performance; produce and carry out a three-month training programme of your own, guided by a suitably qualified person.
  6. Find out about the common pressures amongst teenagers and how best to cope with these pressures (for example, examinations, parents, relationships).
  7. Any other one activity of a similar nature and level of achievement as agreed with the Patrol Leaders' Council and the Scout Leader.
 Commitment Requirements 

You must complete at least one activity from this section.

  1. Relate a short story about the Founder or the history of Scouting to Cub Scouts or younger Scouts.
  2. Use one of the elements of the Scout Law as a theme to devise a Scouts’ Own service or another Act of Worship and lead it for the Troop or others.
  3. Complete a residential training course (such as a Troop Leadership course) at which there is a majority of people not previously known to you.
  4. Maintain a diary of a specific issue affecting your local community over a period of three months.
  5. Use a personal skill over four weeks in a local Scout Group identified with your Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts). Report your experiences to your Patrol Leaders' Council.
  6. Show a continuing involvement in the life of your place of worship.
  7. Participate in a camp at home or abroad with Scouts of other countries.
  8. With a group of friends of your own age, discuss your personal views on a moral issue.
  9. Prepare an account of your involvement so far in Scouting and present it to the Troop or Patrol Leaders' Council.
  10. Take part in an activity with Venture Scouts and discuss membership of the Venture Scout Section with someone from a Unit.
  11. Experience a form of worship from a denomination/faith other than your own and talk to someone of your own denomination/faith about the differences and similarities.
  12. Describe the type of job you would like to do on leaving school and then visit two establishments and discuss your proposals with the employers or employees.
  13. Visit and find out about two different places of employment (for example, factory, shop, office).
  14. Take on some specific extra responsibility in your family or neighbourhood for one month.
  15. Any other one activity of a similar nature and level of achievement as agreed with the Patrol Leaders' Council and the Scout Leader.
 Local Knowledge Requirements 

You must complete at least three items from this section. Present the results from one of the completed items to your Troop.

  1. Explain the following about Barbados: Barbados’ Major Religions, The National Dish and National Past Times (e.g. games, folk songs).
  2. List the names of all of the Governors General and Prime Ministers of Barbados. Write a brief synopsis (1-2 paragraphs) on each including the dates during which they held office.
  3. Describe the type of government found on the island. Include the following:
    • The branches of government;
    • The names the current Head of State, Governor General and Prime Minister; and
    • The names of the Parliamentary constituencies and the names of their current representatives.
  4. Draw a map of Barbados including places of interest, hospitals, police stations, post offices, parish churches, major highways, vegetation and industrial areas. (Approximate Scale 1:50,000 – 1:75,000)


Draw a detailed map of Bridgetown including all roads in and out of Bridgetown, all statues and monument, places of interest, churches, public transport stations (bus, minibus, route-taxi and taxi stands), public telephones and bathrooms, parks and playgrounds. (Approximate Scale 1:10,000 – 1:15,000)

  1. List all national festivals and give full details on Crop Over and one other festival of your choice.
  2. List the National Heroes of Barbados. Give a brief history of their achievements.
  3. Give a brief detail on the history of Barbados' Independence.
  4. Give a brief history of Scouting in Barbados including the first ten Scout Troops, when Cubs started, a list of Chief Commissioners, a list of Chief Scouts, and a list the Scouting District in Barbados.
  5. List the dates and locations for all of the Caribbean Jamborees. List at least six countries in the Caribbean where Scouting currently exist.

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